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The first version of Pilot Era comes out


Google Street View certification


Cooperation with Alibaba


Invited to participate in the Google Street View Summit


2018 CES Asia Innovation Award


Research and development of Pilot Era


The only panoramic solution supplier of the global DSP giant CEVA


The largest panoramic algorithm supplier in the global market


Consumer panoramic algorithm solution


Professional panoramic camera solution Supplier


Labpano is established

Shenzhen Pisoftware Technology is a company dedicated to bringing new values to customers, communities, and businesses at large, through research and development of panoramic technologies and hardware.

Established in 2012, Labpano is one of the earliest companies focusing on panoramic technology and has been the world’s largest panoramic algorithm provider. Leveraging its strong technology and solution experience, the company entered smart hardware and 5G market in 2017. In 2019 it launched Pilot Era, the world’s first professional panoramic camera integrated with a touchscreen and an embedded smart OS, enabling standalone and seamless 8K live streaming with a single click.

The camera was certified and recommended by Google right after it hit the market and has been sold into over 60 countries for video creation and live-streaming, in areas such as street view, real estate, medical, travel, events, juridical, media and more.

Labpano believes that panoramic technology will change the business format from inside out and becomes the new catalyzer for business growth, and a prominent tool in our daily lives.

Labpano strives to create reliable products and efficient solutions with cutting-edge technologies and exciting innovations, to help more partners expand their business range and to empower more individuals with the chance to explore the possibilities in creating the next-generation videos.