The Smart 8K 360° Camera

- with an open system

Pilot One (EE) elevates Panoramic Photography to a whole new level. As the tinniest 8K smart 360° camera on the market, it is equipped with PilotSteady™️ stabilization technology, V-SLAM AI algorithm, and PilotLive 8K Streaming Solution.

With 4 sets of premium Sony sensors and 4 sets of ultra-high precision optical lenses, IP65 waterproof design, large capacity battery and storage, and a well-built 2.2-inch touchscreen powered by an intuitive and smooth Android open OS, Pilot One (EE) offers you an exciting experience to maximize your business potential and visual creativity!

Pocket Size

44mm x 44mm x 127mm; 395g
1.73in x 1.73in x 5in; 13.93oz

128GB/512GB High-speed Storage

up to 28800 8K photos

IP65 Rating

aluminum enclosure

Ultra-High precision Optical Lenses

f/2.28 aperture; 185° FOV per lens

PilotSteady™️ Stabilization

aided by a 9-axis Gyroscope

Built-in 3400mAh Battery

2 hours continuous 8K shooting or live streaming

Sony 12M

1 / 2.3” Sensors

2.2” Touchscreen

640x360 pixels, capacitive

External Cooling

allowing up to 45ºC (113ºF) exterior ambient temperature without fan


USB-PD 2.0 fast charge and data transfer

Standard 1/4"

Screw Mount Interface

3.5mm Mic Port

Waterproof IP65 Rating

Pilot One (EE) is built with an aluminum alloy shell for ultimate durability. Equipped with IP65 waterproof design, making it can easily withstand outdoor harsh environments.


Indoor 360° Virtual Tour Made Easy

Virtual tour creation has never been easier. Based on a powerful V-SLAM algorithm and multiple visual sensors, Pilot One (EE) can pinpoint indoor positions to a centimeter-level. Now get rid of the paid platforms and slow processing, use Pilot One (EE) to generate a well-organized virtual tour automatically and share it directly to your social media or embed it on your website instantly.

Pilot Open System

Our custom Android operating system is used in Pilot One (EE). The Pilot Open System allows you to develop and customize a bunch of functions in the camera to fit in with your business needs. With more resources and business clients joining this open system, Pilot One (EE) is becoming a more efficient tool for all.

PilotLive 8K

Pilot Series Cameras can stream up to 8K panoramic videos with a single click. Thanks to a revolutionized algorithm brought by Labpano, no cumbersome connect to the server and pay expensive cloud fees needed, with the Labpano PiPlayer, you can watch 8K Live in your computer or VR Headsets.

Feature Highlights

8K Resolution Livestreaming
Free PiPlayer
One-stop Solution
(Shoot, Transmission, Play)
Standard Streaming Server Supported
3 Seconds Ultra-low Latency
Real-time Preview & Adjust Parameters

How it Works

Pilot Series Cameras
5G & High-speed Internet
VR Headsets, Computer

Computer Recommended Configuration:
RAM: 8GB Dual Channel, Frequency 2133 MHz
CPU: Intel i7-6700 3.40GHz
GPU: Intel HD 530
Computer System: Windows 7/8/10, macOS 10.10 and above

VR Headsets Recommended Configuration: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and above

The First Supported VR Headset: Pico G2/G2 4K/G2 4K Plus

More VR headsets will be supported soon!

Easy Street View Capture

Pilot One (EE) is the most efficient 8K 360° camera for street view photography. With the support of an ultra-precision GPS, a powerful processor, and real-time stitching, it generates premium 8K images up to a speed of 7fps and allows you to directly upload from the camera, making it unsurpassed in terms of performance, ease-of-use, and portability.

PilotSteady™️ Stabilization

Pilot One (EE) is the world's first 360° camera that performs real-time stabilization while live streaming 360° VR. Patented PilotSteady™️ stabilization with our intelligent shake compensation algorithm and a built-in 9-axis gyroscope achieve real-time correction and automatic compensation of video images.

True 8K Imaging Capability

Pilot One (EE) adopts 4 sets of Sony 1/2.3" 12MP sensors and ultra-high precision optical lenses, our initiated android-based Pilot OS and a set of AI algorithms. You can manually adjust EV, ISO, and other parameters freely, or utilize our HDR mode for better results easily.

Smart Touch Screen 2.0

Labpano introduced a revolutionary smart touch screen on its first flagship device , Pilot Era, making it possible for the first time to shoot, edit, and share professional 360° content without the requirement of a smartphone or a PC. Following our initiative, we now release Smart Touch Screen 2.0 on Pilot One (EE), bringing you a lighter, smoother, and faster operating experience.

The "Pilot" Program

Pilot One (EE) is an evolving 360° camera. You will receive over-the-air software/firmware updates on a regular basis that ensures better performance and even new features now and then.

Get a Pilot One (EE), Be Money-Wise Too.

Thanks to our dear customers and clients, the existing product Pilot Era has had 44 major software/firmware upgrades till now and is seeing more in future.


Add new Street View frame rate options


Support direct sharing to YouTube from Gallery


Support fine-tuning gallery images


Support adjustment of ISO, EV,stitching distance, etc.


Support direct upload of Google Street View footage to Google Drive/Dropbox


Improve the stability of connection


Support adjustment of bottom logo size


Release "Time Lapse" function


Release PilotSteady™️ Stabilization Technology


Support direct upload of gallery footage to Google Drive


Support GSV App control of the camera


Support auto-receiving of RTMP address from Pilot Go


Release HDR mode; add several scene selections


Support 8K@24fps video

Target Applications and Industries

Real EstateVirtual TourVR LiveMedia Event
Street ViewSmart CityVR EducationRemote Medical Service


Packing list
  • Pilot One (EE)
  • External Cooling
  • Storage Bag
  • The Power Adapter
  • Type-C Cable
  • Extension Rod
  • Documentation
    (Introduction Guide, warranty card)
  • Mirror Cloth
  • USB-C Hub

44mm * 44mm * 127mm


395grams (13.93 ounces)


Video recording: 2 hours (8K)

Live streaming: Up to 2 hours

Built-in 3400mAh battery


2.2-inch (diagonal) TFT-LCD
Multi-Touch display
Resolution: 640x360


4×F2.28 aspherical fisheye lenses

Image Sensors

4 x 12MP Sony CMOS sensors

Operating Ambient Temperature

0° to 45° C (32° to 113° F)


Mono recording / AAC
Support external Mic

Motion Sensors/GPS


Magnetic sensor、

Built-in GPS




Pilot Go APP


Resolution/Frame Rate

Real-time stitching

8K (7680*3840) 7fps

6K (5760*2880) 15fps

4K (3840*1920) 30fps

2K (1920*960) 30fps

In-camera stitching

8K (7680*3840) 24fps

6K (5760*2880) 30fps

4K (3840*1920) 30fps



Coding Format

H.265 / H.264


Real-time stitching

Optical flow stitching


PilotSteady™ technology

Real-time stabilization


Precise indoor positioning and localization (Optional)


Real-time stitching

8192 x 4096

6144 x 3072

4096 x 2048




HDR / Countdown / Hide Photographer

Photo-Manual Settings

Exposure Time  1/3200 ~ 1/15

ISO Range         50 ~ 3200

EV                      -4 ~ 4

WB                     Auto、Preset

Ethernet Port

RJ45: 100M/1000M (Optional)


802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.



Live Streaming
Resolution/Frame Rate





* Simply install Labpano PiPlayer software on your computer and VR headset for in-camera 8K Live Streaming.